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Welcome Message

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff:


Wisdom International School is committed to ensuring that each student receives the best possible education in a safe and secure learning environment. We hire and train the best teachers and administrators to provide academic instruction. We provide numerous activities to help students make good decisions about their behavior. We have implemented and continually upgrade a wide range of safety measures. We believe that our school is your second home.




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Mission and Vision

our mission

Enter to Learn

Our mission is to challenge and motivate each student to achieve his or her full potential as a responsible member of our diverse community in a safe learning environment that promotes intellectual growth, health, creativity, and respect for self and others. We are committed to helping learners acquire and use knowledge, communicate effectively, and become responsible and respectful active individuals in their community. We also challenge our students to take personal responsibility for their education and to apply their learning to a diverse and changing world. To nurture in each student feelings of self-confidence and pride in accomplishment. To create in each student an awareness of a world of rapid change and unforeseeable demands in which continuing education throughout adult life will be a normal expectation.

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